Where Can I Find a Doctor?

There are not many RE’s who treat patients with high FSH. In most clinics, reproductive endocrinologists (“RE’s”) reject patients with FSH levels above their cutoff. Note that if your RE isn’t “high FSH-friendly” – i.e., isn’t willing to pursue any treatment for you other than donor eggs – then you need to find a new RE if you want to have a chance of conceiving with your own eggs. The support board mentioned below is a great resource to find an RE in your area who can help you. Also, many of the “high FSH-friendly” RE’s will also do phone consults with out of town patients and typically have ways to treat out of town patients – often partnering with local laboratories for monitoring, thus minimizing travel time.

An important factor to keep in mind when choosing a doctor is that all clinics in the U.S. are required to file their success rates with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These success rates are very useful for most infertility patients in that it gives them an idea of how successful their techniques are. The inverse can actually be true for patients with high FSH because clinics with high success rates are typically not treating patients with high FSH who would tend to pull down their success rates.

Below is a very incomplete list of RE’s who are High FSH-friendly (in alphabetical order by region):

Note: The list below was compiled from discussion on the support board. The author makes no guarantees about the services provided by these practitioners and stands to gain nothing from referring patients to their practices. The purpose of including this list on this site is to assist patients in their quest to find medical practitioners who are at least open to the possibility that conception is possible in spite of high fsh.

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