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Welcome to the High FSH Info website. I compiled the information in these pages as a patient – not as a doctor or a specialist. I am sharing this information with you to help you on your quest for fertility. Nothing in this document should be substituted for medical advice. I hope you find it useful and I wish you Godspeed in overcoming infertility.

This newly redesigned High FSH Info website is actually a website and blog combined. ¬†Along the left sidebar, you will find “Reference Information” which contains information to help you understand what High FSH is and what you can do about it. You might want to start with the FAQ to find the key information you are looking for. ¬† Along the right sidebar, you will find blog posts which are a supplement to the main Reference Information.

I am always happy to hear from readers of this site – whether you have questions for me or if you have comments or suggestions for the site, you can write to me at my email address. Thanks!

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